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Create powerful YouTube content.

As one of Germany’s leading YouTube agencies our strategies and video productions help to create successful YouTube channels.

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    What does Maha Studio do?

    We see ourselves as a partner to businesses and individuals that want to create a YouTube channel.

    To achieve this, we formulate strategies, work out concepts, devise editorial calendars, produce YouTube videos and thumbnails, publish powerful content, and measure in Analytics.

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    Success with YouTube is divided into different fields of activity. We offer full process support to our clients, from the idea to the publication.


    The first step is to define the strategy of the YouTube channel: Who is to be reached for which purpose?

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    Based on the chosen strategy, the conception phase produces individual formats, editorial calendars, and video scripts for long-term, sustainable success.

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    Once cameras are rolling and the lights and sound recorders for the YouTube videos are at the desired set, the time has come for: Action!

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    The very latest in software is used to cut the respective content for YouTube and fine-tune the colours.

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    YouTube content is only of genuine relevance and is clicked on and found by search engines if it has a perfect thumbnail, title, and description.

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    The real work starts once the video goes online: We measure its KPIs for follow-up productions.
    KPI definition

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    Stand out from the crowd, find and perceive your own message.

    YouTube is the „creme de la creme“ for sales. It takes extensive planning and a lot of knowledge to be successful on the platform. But if it works, the second most powerful search engine in the world is a guarantee for long-term success.

    What are the important KPIs on YouTube?


    customers supported

    We look after these customers from individual videos to workshops and full-stack YouTube production.


    impressions last year

    With almost 200 million impressions, our videos reached around 2.5 times the German population last year.


    How may we be of service?

    What project are you planning? And how can Maha Studio help you with it? We look forward to your message. Please use the online contact form for this.


    What is the typical process?

    No YouTube project is the same, but there are almost always overlaps.

    Now you can start!

    Enough talked about the services, possibilities and processes.

    Now we can go to work and create moving content on the most important video platform in the world. We look forward to hearing from you.

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