In order to create great content on YouTube, it takes several services. On this page we describe our 6 pillars as a YouTube agency in order to give a transparent overview of our offer.

1. Strategy

The first step is to define the strategy of the YouTube channel: Who is to be reached for which purpose?

2. Conception

Based on the chosen strategy, the conception phase produces individual formats, editorial calendars, and video scripts for long-term, sustainable success.

3. Production

Once cameras are rolling and the lights and sound recorders for the YouTube videos are at the desired set, the time has come for: Action!

4. Postproduction

The very latest in software is used to cut the respective content for YouTube and fine-tune the colours.

5. Refining

YouTube content is only of genuine relevance and is clicked on and found by search engines if it has a perfect thumbnail, title, and description.

6. Animation

The real work starts once the video goes online: We measure its KPIs for follow-up productions.

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